Alyssa L'Salle Edit

Talented, confident agent; her succesful missions are becoming almost legendary. Talented in stealth and combat, she wields a Bo that serves both a close-quarters melee function and a mid-range firing function that telescopes to store efficiently in het Satchel - along with various gadgets acquired during missions.
  • Weapon: Cyber-Bo
  • Strengths: Versatility, Teamwork
  • Dominant Element: Water

Chahn Kaneko Edit


Close personal friend of Alyssa, and a bit quirky at times. Skilled in Gunmancy - the art of summoning & controlling guns with your mind. Also skilled in the medical arts.

  • Weapon: Summoned Guns
  • Strengths: Healing, Backup
  • Dominant Element: Fire

Dave Edit


Elite hacker for the Galactic Agency. Thinks he's cool but really isn't. Incredibly paranoid. Supports the team while impairing the enemy with his mad skillz.

  • Weapon: Tablet
  • Strengths: Debuffs, Hacking
  • Dominant Element: Lightning

Borisusovsky aka "Sue" Edit


Brute strength combined with impeccable fashion sense. Quiet and gruff but has a soft side that emerges from time to time, making him a respected leader and mentor among agents.

  • Weapon: Fists
  • Strengths: Martial Arts, Combos
  • Dominant Element: Earth

Clarke Edit


Rogue robot agent. Was the smoothest talker around back before the “incident.” Ever since then, he's been a bit... odd.

  • Weapon: Rocket Boots
  • Strengths: Who knows?
  • Dominant Element: Lightning

Finian aka "Finn" Edit


Distant cousin of Alyssa. New to South Areanu Police; looks up to Alyssa. Has a tendency to get into more trouble than he can handle.

  • Weapon: Shotblaster
  • Strengths: Taking a hit, Heavy arsenal
  • Dominant Element: Fire

Orson Bolibar Edit


Member of an alien race that begins life looking human before turning into ghosts upon maturation. Former detective on Planet Nuluup; currently provides private investigative services. Special suit that amplifies his spectral powers.

  • Weapon: Ghostly Old-Fashioned Revolver formed from spectral energy.
  • Strengths: Transformations, Elemental Magic
  • Dominant Element: Wind

Lauren Edit


Informant who likes to play the government & the criminal underbelly against each other. Also sings in an indie band. Expert at poisons & debuffs.

  • Weapon: A pair of force Daggers.
  • Strengths: Cunning, Ailments.
  • Dominant Element: Wind

“Arete” Edit


Prominent member of the Astrea rebel faction. True name unknown. Proud and calculating. Accompanied by a floating seeing eye robot that feeds images directly to her visual display device.

  • Weapon: Explosive Beakers
  • Strengths: Technology, Robot Ally
  • Dominant Element: Ice

Z'xorv Edit


Alien bounty hunter. Spits acid. Loves capes. Hard to kill. Doesn't talk much.

  • Weapon: Claws
  • Strengths: Tank, Brute Strength.
  • Dominant Element: Ice

Psybe Edit


Cybernetically-enhanced Psybe comes from the planet Rhomu, where his species builds its advanced hive-like civilizations among the ruins of jungle-like planet surface. A genius and fearless explorer, Psybe seeks justice for his planet and his people.

  • Weapon: Songs
  • Strengths: Support
  • Dominant Element: Earth